welcome meditation week 2

Welcome back here!

How was your first week of meditation?

Did you find it mostly easy to practice? Was it a joyful experience?

Did you experience some resistance?

Did you experience anything new?

Did you find yourself skipping your practice? Did you make up any excuse for that? Or did you accept fully that you decided to skip it?

How did you feel then? Did you notice a difference the days you practiced and the days you didn't?

Whatever you experienced this first week, celebrate yourself! BRAVO for trying!

I'm here to keep supporting your practice, and I'm more than happy to share with you this Meditation Week 2 practice.


This week topic: body awareness

As we focused on our breath during week 1, this week we'll experience the sensations in our body.

As we sit still, and as we place our attention to our body, we might discover some places where we feel tensed. 

This body awareness meditation is designed to help you reconnect with your body.