Bonjour !

Welcome onboard for some beautiful self care practices to support your creativity and the magic you bring to this world on a daily basis!


basics tips before you start.

Find a space where you can sit down comfortably.

The idea is that you take a couple of minutes to relax your mind and body. So make sure you have space for yourself for the couple of minutes you take to meditate.

A couple of sitting postures are: on the floor, or on a mat, or on a chair.

Relax your shoulders and place your hands on your knees.

That's enough to start. Play the file below and let yourself being guided with this 5 minutes meditation.


Can anyone PRACTICE it?

Yes. This meditation is designed for anyone, wether you're an advanced practitioner or a total beginner.


How often to practice this MEDITATION?

You can practice this meditation as often as you wish!

Some people like to meditate in the morning and/ or at night. But really, it's mostly when you feel like it.

In case you wonder: there is never too much meditation!

Now clic below and enjoy!